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Post-production, Video Editing, & Colour-grading.


Frame, Shoot, Aerial Shot 
& Camera master.


Professional Drone Pilot, equipped & ready to fly.


Director of Photography, Style, Mood & Lighting.

Audiovisual production or creation, whether it is a simple video, for social networks, live on the internet, live or deferred on television, or even a work for the cinema, it is always complex. The image is at the center of all these formats and projects, due to its quality, whether it is cinematographic for some, its style for others or its perception as a whole.

Film directors, video content creators, companies for their internal or external corporate projects, you need an image that matches your ambition and that corresponds to you. The goal of my approach: to support you throughout the creative process.

Born of a passion, enhanced by a need for creativity and support in creation, production and audiovisual research, I have developed my skills to help you achieve your goals.

Formé en gestion de projets, en montage vidéo et cadrage, en lumière et qualité de signal vidéo à l’Institut National de l’Audiovisuel et à l'ENS Louis Lumière, pour vous proposer un éventail de savoir-faire cohérent et un profil expert en image, conscient de chaque étape de votre projet. Depuis 10 ans, j'ai pu développer mon savoir-faire par des expériences multiples pour vous proposer aujourd'hui un accompagnement professionnel.

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Un plan aérien à réaliser, FPV ou Mavic 3 Cine ?

Equipped, insured and ready to fly, I propose to film your aerial shot with a drone. Safely, with my image expertise, my drone pilot license and my flying skills. I'm ready to give the best for your aerial shot project. 


or Corporate video

Do you need to highlight your company, your association, your agency or your project ?Whether it's a presentation format, a documentary-type film, a showreel, a highlight on social networks, live or even for a smartphone application, I will meet your needs.

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A movie or a short film in mind ?

Do you have a short film project, a film idea or a need for support in creation for the technical part, video, frame and light ? Let's get in touch and I will guide you for a result that meets your vision.

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Advertising or promotional video

Do you have a product or a concept to highlight with storytelling intende for your audience or customers ? I offer personalized support for a successful project.

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An event project planned

An event that is coming soon and you want to immortalize it: professional, a fair or an exhibition, personal, a wedding or another family project, a trip or an extraordinary project of which you want to keep a unique souvenir. Contact me and we'll make your project sustainable with a video.

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Trailer or Teaser

Your movie is going to be released and you want to announce it properly with a trailer or a teaser to promote it. No worries, with a rhytmic edit and our selection of the right moments, we'll make your future viewers envious.  

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